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Everyone has a name.

Find and visualize the most popular (and unpopular) baby names since 1880.

Doodle for Kindle

Draw on your Kindle. Because sometimes reading sucks.


Immersively swim through massive amounts of information.

Colour Gadget

A Windows sidebar gadget for finding, saving, and copying colours. It's really pretty.


Create and save your own modern art with Viscosity. Winner in the Art category at SXSW 2008. Finalist at Flashforward 2007, FITC 2007.

Words you can type with one hand

A useful reference for people who use the computer one hand at a time.

The Collective Type Project

Interactive art project. The average of lots of people writing the same thing in the same place.

Circles are Awesome.

Interactive tool showing the properties of circles. Math is fun again.

Blood Hose

A Flash experiment emulating liquid streaming from a movable source.


Pole Position-esque racecar game.


Drawings sent via email when words wouldn't work.

Microsoft Max

Share photos, read news. R.I.P.

The Jerde Partnership

Dynamic Flash website for LA architects.

Work Gymnastics

My old job afforded certain opportunities.

Telephone to Text

Convert your phone number to text.

Operation: Moustache

What happens when I try to grow a moustache.


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Copying and pasting vector masks in Photoshop CS6

March 28 2013.

You've migrated to Photoshop CS6 and find yourself unable to drag vector masks between layers. You can't move them and you can't duplicate them. You can't Alt+Drag them to duplicate them onto another layer. In fact, THEY AREN'T EVEN IN THE LAYER PANEL ANYMORE.

Fear not. You just need to use new keyboard combinations:

Move a vector mask to another layer:

Duplicate a vector mask to another layer:


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