Cheapest New Year's resolution ever

January 1 2007.

  1. Floss
  2. Read War and Peace

Floss was $2.45 at QFC, and I bought a used copy of the world's greatest novel for $2.20. Score.

owen says:

flossing was my new year's resolution too, but i forgot about it until just now. also on my list is to bring my lunch to work more often (like, more than i don't bring my lunch) and to talk to my buddy jeff more. hey jeff.


Jeff says:

Hilarious. Emiko and I just agreed on a team resolution: "Bring Lunch to Work".

Which is really a product of: "Cook More Dinners at Home".

Unfortunately, it looks like my resolutions are starting to look more like "Listen to Everclear a Lot" and "Show Up to Work at 10:30"

owen says:

here's an update on my lunch resolution. today i brought some. nice job, o-hawk! i had to buy my lunch tuesday but it didn't count because i flew in late the night before and didn't have any food in the house.


laura says:

Not a bad list, Jeff. I'll try to get into the spirit of the resolving act this year:
1. Catch up on missed "Lost" episodes (season 3).
2. Initiate more high fives.
3. Listen to one new song a day.

P.s. Kudos for the War & Peace...I've been pondering that feat.

Jeff says:

I like the "One New Song a Day" resolution. makes that easy for you.

My friend Jason said War & Peace is boring as shit. I'm not quite sure what I'm up against. I just thought it was a book about some Russians and French people.

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