Vodka sauna

April 9 2007.

This afternoon, Lutz explained the terribly simple and fast way he and his friends used to drink:

  1. Enter a sauna with friends
  2. Pour vodka on sauna rocks
  3. Inhale gaseous vodka, thereby making you drunk instantly

I don't condone or endorse this method, as I have no idea what the potentially harmful side effects could be. I could posit they're along the lines of passing out and DYING in a sauna.

Jamie says:

But at the same time, who can pass up a sale?

Nick Dubeau aka: Singer of Option says:

hmm i do have access to a sauna, where i could actually do this.

no joke.

NoOne says:

This is a brilliant idea.

Don't like where the vodka may be ingested from, though.

lewis says:

any room can be a sauna. just make sure it is enclosed and get some hot rocks. You may get some damp though. Think of it like when you're taking a shower it gets steamy and there is not instant damp. Brianiac tried this method and he got wasted. Because it's vodka not water it can mix in with the protecve oil on your skin, then leak into your blodstream...

Gethin says:

It is toxic to inhale I'm afraid. However, whilst in sauna, pour vodka onto a plate, roll up a towel and wrap around so you can sit over the plate and then sit. You get drunk, safely as the alcohol takes a different route into your blood system. Tried and tested!


coismi says:

Explosively entertaining, especially when the pretty blue flame rolled across the ceiling toward my head. I needed a haircut anywau.

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