The windowseat angle

March 10 2009.

More likely than not, you're familiar with the MySpace angle: the angle where when photographed, anyone looks cuter, slimmer, and more dateable. Its name comes from the era when everyone was on MySpace and had no problem broadcasting their private lives, whereabouts, and weekend plans to the entire world (2006).

The MySpace angle is easily executed by anyone with one or more arms and a camera:

Last Friday I set out to find the antithesis of the MySpace angle. That is, a photographic angle that makes you uglier, fatter, and considerably less dateable. I found it. I call it "the windowseat angle":

Let's compare angles.

Let's compare again to make sure that wasn't a fluke.


The windowseat angle's unflattery works for a number of reasons:

  • Blood rushes to your head, swelling it
  • Flash photography flatters no one
  • The combined effect of swollen blood head and body strain produces a thin sweat sheen amplified by the camera flash
  • Exposed nostrils
  • Scut Farkus smile
  • Multi-chin effect
  • Gravity pulling your face up instead of down, just like an ugly astronaut

After discovering this, I wonder if Aphex Twin employed the windowseat angle for the Richard D. James album.

Jamie says:

Oddly enough, I just tried it, and I think it's one of the nicest smiles I've ever had captured...

Jimes says:

I think you should add a disclaimer for people with bad balance and/or inner ear issues.

Actually don't, because I'm going to sue you.

Len says:

good job!

Ian says:

social media progress in action!

Lee says:


ma says:

Oh my achin' gut.

vivien says:


Susie says:

Take other people's cameras and leave them a surprise.

Jeff says:

@Susie: I actually did that at a party last weekend. It was awesome.

@Jimes: The top illustration clearly indicates you should plant one hand down for stability. I'm guessing you didn't do that. See you in court, asshole.

nick says:

comedic gold

jah says:


laura says:

I think the Windowseat Angle will become quite popular with the kids soon. Well done.

Btw, I took a screen shot of your blog for a presentation I did on photosharing (which discussed the growth of personal websites in higher ed), and I did give you credit during the session:

I just thought Smittens post was very darling.

bianca says:

lol! niiiiice.

John says:

That is great! I just fell out of my chair, the beer helped

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