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August 24 2011.

Your Kindle is awesome for reading, but you're tired of reading. In all honesty, you don't even read. You only load it with free fancy books from Project Gutenberg with hopes of someone "mistakenly" opening your note opining on Herodotus being the first raconteur of dialectic paradigms of consensus.

I don't even know what the fuck that means. I just took it from The Postmodernism Generator. See how easy it is to be an intellectual?

Unfortunately posing as an intellectual is tiring work, so what better way to recover than by using your Kindle as an etch-a-sketch?

Enter: Doodle for Kindle.

I made this Kindle app along with some fellow nerds. Buy it. Draw things. Shut your kids up with it during your shitty road trip to Moncton this summer.

At $0.99 it's a total bargain. Subtracting Amazon's sales commission and profit sharing, I'll make about $0.09 from your purchase.

E-commerce, fuck yeah!

owen says:

Are those boobies in top left? And a turd in the middle right?

Jeff says:

They're just squares with dots. And it's not a turd - it's a pile of doodle.

laura says:

Who the Eff would be on a road trip to Monction? I would go see O-dawg again... so I suppose I would have to drive through Moncton. Or just fly to the 'Fax.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff.

Jeff says:

Why visit Moncton? To see distinguished literary critic and theorist Northrop Frye and former Governor-General of Canada Roméo LeBlanc!

And to see the Moncton Reek play ball. The Moncton Reek doesn't exist, but that's what I imagine they'd be called if Moncton had a professional sports team.

owen says:

Moncton is all about the mega-concerts and french girls!

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