TEDS: The greatest holiday of the year

November 6 2011.

"You can always make more money. You can't make more time."

This statement is the reliable tiebreaker when choosing between working late and going to happy hour, selling something versus learning something, or driving to Portland to avoid sales tax instead of paying it at home.

The End of Daylight Savings (TEDS) is the greatest holiday of the year because It celebrates time and opportunity. In the weeks leading to it, we anticipate and consider the glorious things to be done with that extra hour of life before, during, or after the time change:

  • Watching an extra episode of Breaking Bad
  • Bonus hour of partying
  • Eating a luxury breakfast
  • Making something awesome
  • Going to the gym
  • Waking up early without the effort of waking up early
  • Watching sunrise
  • Write a blog post about TEDS
  • Catching up on sleep

If there's one thing everyone in the universe can agree on, it's an extra hour of sleep. Show me someone who hates getting an extra hour of life back and I'll show you someone who hates life.

The observant will say you're not getting an hour back since you lost one in the spring time. But this doesn't matter. TEDS is about perception more than math, and you can no longer feel the hour you adjusted to so long ago. That lost hour is equivalent to the $20 found in your winter jacket on the first cold day of the year. Subtracted from the balance sheets so long ago, it ceased to exist. That's new money now.

TEDS also bests New Years, Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, August Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. COMBINED. It is:

  • Non-denominational
  • No gifts
  • No TV ads
  • Everyone wins

Sadly, the sanctity of this holiday is under attack by devices that automatically set themselves an hour back. The best part of TEDS is the ritualistic setting back of clocks the next morning, further emphasizing the fact you just won more life. I take pride in disabling these features.

Otherwise I set them back an hour in addition to the one they already decremented. This then forces me to add an hour back, turning the best day of the year into the worst day of the year: The Beginning of Daylight Savings Time.

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