Either way, you win.

November 26 2011.

No matter what happens next year, buying Patrick Geryl's How to Survive 2012: Tactics and Survival Places for the Coming Pole Shift is a sure win. Two potential outcomes:

Outcome 1: Apocalypse occurs in 2012
You now have an instruction manual for navigating this confusing situation. With this book, you will be fully capable of surviving the apocalypse. Patrick Geryl will even refund your money if you don't.

Outcome 2: 2012 passes without incident
You now have a memento of our misinterpretations of ancient Mayan calendars. Ironically shelve it next to your copy of The Y2K Personal Survival Guide, bring it out at dinner parties, and have a good laugh at our unhealthy obsession with apocalii and the people like Patrick Geryl who exploit it.

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