Secret B.O.

January 5 2012.

More applicable to the male half of the species, Secret B.O. (Body Odour) is different than your average B.O.

It's stealthy. It's sneaky. It's the ninja of smell.

How it works

  1. Wear a shirt while you're questioned by many people and don't move very much. Job interviews, police interrogations, and craftsmanship reviews will do nicely.
  2. At home, inspect your shirt for the usual suspects: ketchup, mustard, blood.
  3. If stain-free, hang shirt in closet for another wearing. Less laundry is good laundry.
  4. Weeks later with memory foggy, sniff shirt for B.O.
  5. If no B.O., wear shirt for the day.
  6. Just after lunch, realize your body heat has unlocked the nervous B.O. held captive from weeks prior.
  7. Realize it's too late to go home and change.
  8. Revel in your stink for the rest of the day.

The only cure for Secret B.O. is washing your clothes after exactly one (1) wearing. This is undesirable for environmentalists, misers, the software industry, or anyone else who loves efficiency and optimizations.

The only thing worse than Secret B.O. is Double Secret B.O.: Forgetting you have Secret B.O. and regressing to step 2 above.

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